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After seventeen years of hard work that have led the way to economic growth and the consolidation of our institution ("La Palestra" activities centre was opened and study grants were awarded to the younger members in the Association), Angel Santidrián and Luis Pardiñas delegated the Association's management to a new Governing Committee who, jumping a generation of 30 years, faced a great challenge.

At that time, the mid-nineties, the Governig Committee presided first by Marcos Romarís (1998-1999) and then by Luis Manuel Marcelo (1999-20004) took on the responsibility of maintaining the wonderful economic situation. The first challenge resolved was the maintenance of the association's most important source of income: the "Christmas Lottery Campaign".

The association's social situation has been a constant concern and year after year the social and cultural activities have grown thanks to the economic resources and the personal effort made by some of our members.

Not only were study grants given to our younger members but also grants were awarded for studying languages and following professional courses and higher studies. Social assistance was also offered as far as our economic situation allowed and more importantly as a result of the generous work of some of our members.

The cultural trips that were organized strengthened the ties of friendship between us and brought new members to the association. Visiting the innumerable monumental and artistic riches of the Spanish regions is a great luxury for everyone and shows the Association's profound interest in its members' cultural education. This is thanks to the dedication of several of our members and in particular the tireless, enthusiastic Luis Pardiñas.

Juntos, los 3 últimos Presidentes de la Asociación: Marcos Romarís, Luis Manuel Marcelo y Juan Campos.
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