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The founding of our association was in October 1922 as the following document shows:

"Madrid, October 2nd, 1922

Dear friend:

The constant desire to bring back the ties of friendship and comradeship that existed in our youth has driven a group of the San Ildefonso School's old students to propose the formation of an association made up of all those who have received schooling at San Ildefonso.

Merely announcing this initiative has been enough for a great number of schoolmates to respond with great enthusiasm. Several meetings took place and finally a General Meeting was held the 2nd of October where the regulations were approved and the Association was formed. Also a Governing Board was chosen and this body is writing this letter to inform everyone who wasn't informed as their address was unknown.

Our main objective is to promote close ties, encourage mutual protection and establish solidarity between all those who have spent their youth in the "Colegio Municipal de San Ildefonso" residence.

We hope you attend to your former classmates' needs and help us by joining the Association. You can do this by filling in the attached form.

We send you our warmest greeting Antonio Amor (President)
Julián Escalada (Vice president)
José Villar (Accountant)
Enrique Solaun (Treasurer)
Victor García (Secretary)
Eugenio Baonza (Under secretary)"

Due to the wide range of this section if you wish to learn more about our history open the following PDF file which contains a brief resume with the most important moments of the Association's history.

  "A look at the history of the Association: 1922-2005": PDF (145 KB)

To open this file you can download Acrobat Reader from here: http://www.adobe.es/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Miembros de la 1ª Junta Directiva de la Asociación en el partio del Colegio.
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