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During the celebrations of the 2005 San Ildefonso Festival we saw the completion of a project started in the nineties, the acquisition of new premises for our Association. The "new Palestra" aims to be a place for our members to meet and enjoy themselves. This is why we have made a considerable investment to equip the installations and to buy modern audiovisual systems and modern furniture.

Meeting room

In this room the Governing Committee meets periodically. This room is decorated in an English style with wood panelled walls and warm colours.

Entrance hall

There are comfortable armchairs where our member can rest and where we can have enjoyable conversations with our fellow members.

Administrative area

This room is next to the library. It is used to resolve any issue related to our Association. For this purpose we have modern computers and laser printers that make the Secretary's and the Executive Board's work easier.


This is the cosiest room in "La Palestra". We own a large collection of books on art, history and literature as well as university publications about law, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, psychology, etc.

Audiovisual room

This is the room that is most appreciated by our members because of its spaciousness, its technological material and its comfort. This is where we carry out many of our activities.

Sala de juntas.


Sala de juegos.


Sala de audiovisuales.


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