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Current situation

In November 2004 a new Governing Comittee, with Juan Campos Quemada as president, took charge of the Association. The inauguration of the new "Palestra" was an important event that showed the vitality of our community.
We will explain a little about our history to give a better understanding of our current situation:

La situación actual de la Asociación, es deudora de cada uno de los periodos de la vida asociativa, por ello, es conveniente recordar cuales han sido cada una de las etapas por la que ha ido caminando:


This period goes from the founding of our association (during the political and social crisis of Alfonso XIII's reign) to the beginning of the civil war in 1936. During this time our association was reborn, driven by a feeling of brotherhood and social awareness arising from the lack of work and medical assistance.


During the hard post-war years until the beginnings of the Spanish democracy there were times of great rectitude and conservatism when humility and human values provided a reference for our association.


During these decades of democratization to the current year, our members' commitment to education and quality of life has been confirmed.

The time has come to face the new challenges that are arriving with the XXI century. Thanks to our economic solvency and the solidarity of our members, the new Governing Committee has very ambitious projects that will be of great social relevance.

To complete our youngest members' education, to help members in a unfavourable social or economical situation or to aid our elder members are old objectives that need ambitious, new and daring ideas mixed with a dose of reality.

The "Fundación Niños de San Ildefonso" is a clear answer to the problems in today's society and an example of our commitment to a fairer, freer and more dignified life.

Juan Campos, es el actual Presidente de la Asociación.
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