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Educational Projects

The "Fundación Niños de San Ildefonso" is aware that education is the most important legacy that society leaves to future generations. Our educational projects aim to support education, fight against failure in education and prepare the children for the work market.

In lines with these objectives the "Fundación" is planning the following projects:

Luis Pardiñas training school and educational support:

This project is a legacy from Luis Pardiña's pioneer initiative in the "Asociación de Ex Alumnos del Colegio de San Ildefonso". Luis Pardiñas helped, with great effort and sensitivity, a great number of San Ildefonso students with maths and physics and chemistry so that their marks improved considerably.

This school is divided into the following sections:


We will organize reading and writing workshops so that children can improve theirs marks in language, history, Latin or Greek.


By organizing a maths workshop we hope to teach the children how to use maths for daily living and also to help them with other sciences like physics and chemistry, biology, etc.

Computer sciences:

We know the importance of new technologies in society nowadays, this is why we are organizing courses in basic and advanced programming, graphic design, basic and advanced use of Internet, etc.


This is the traditional method to help students do higher studies. We work with public and private institutions.

Training and professional skills workshop

Our aim is for this workshop is to help the children get their first job. We firmly believe that collaboration between the social and educational sector will make the children's entry into the workplace easier.

To master a job a person must learn both the theory and the practice. It is important to learn a job by working with professionals, without forgetting professional training courses provided by private and public institutions.

"Fundación de Niños de San Ildefonso" Farm School:

This is a very ambitious project in which social, educational and cultural care converge. A classroom open all year round in the countryside aimed to educate in moral values, train professionals and be a recreational place for our young people.

It is a unique resource in a rural environment with natural surroundings where children learn farming, history and to respect and preserve the environment.

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El Aula de Formación Luis Pardiñas toma su nombre en honor a nuestro querido compañero.
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