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The global project: a dream come true

The "Asociación de Ex Alumnos del Colegio de San Ildefonso" was created to satisfy the commitment to friendship and mutual help between those who have been part of the San Ildefonso School throughout its history.

The school is an educational institution supported by the city council. It is a charitable organization providing aid. It ensures the all-round development of children under fourteen who are in a situation of social neglect or from families in a difficult economic situation.

Sadly, this situation of neglect does not end when the boarders leave the residence. This is why the association, which has always been concerned about the children's welfare, considers it important to make an effort to complete the educational and social work that is being done during the school years with the help and affection of the Madrid citizens, until the child's integration in the work market.

The "Fundación Niños de San Ildefonso" hopes to cover the children's educational and welfare needs focusing on minors. With this project we wish to show our gratitude to the Madrid people who, in the San Ildefonso School, educated us in respect and solidarity towards human and moral values, and took us in as only a real family can do.

La Fundación tiene el compromiso de ser catalizadora de distintas culturas.
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