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Social Projects

The aim of the "Fundación de Niños de San Ildefonso" is to satisfy the children's needs giving priority to young people. We are conscious of the vital role that education plays in a child's all-round development, and we also know that preventive actions are essential to avoid putting children's physical and emotional stability at risk. Taking all this into account we consider it necessary to strengthen the welfare work with adequate educational work.

Currently we are working on the following projects:

Street education:

Focused on acting directly in the children's social environment.

Sheltered houses:

This is one of our main projects. We want to offer housing to young people with an unfavourable family environment or without economic means.

Prevention and help against drug dependency:

We hope to take on hard actions against drug addiction. We think it's important for people in general and especially young people to be aware of the danger of drugs. We want to complete the preventive work with palliative activities for the devastating effects drugs have on people.

Entry into the workplace:

Our final objective is the children's integration into society. In order to achieve this it is vital to make it easier for them to get a job. We hope to advise and help with everything related to getting a job.

Our social labour is also focused on the welfare of our older members; this is why we are undertaking a home-help project to improve their quality of life.

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El primer objetivo a cumplir es la realización de todos los Proyectos Sociales que tenemos proyectados desarrollar en la Fundación.
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