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The San Ildefonso children

The National Lottery began on 30 September 1763 during the reign of Carlos III. The first draw took place on 10 December 1763 but we had to wait until 9 March 1771 for a San Ildefonso student named Diego López to write a page of the school's history in golden letters.

Here is a description of this historic moment:

"On a rainy morning our schoolmate Diego López arrived. He was dressed in the Naples style with a white damask tunic decorated with golden buttons, and a white curly wig. In the midst of a great expectation he crossed himself and dipped his right hand into a chest which held 90 balls. Taking one out he sang the number and held the ball up to his lips to kiss it…"

For helping out with the lottery draw the school received an economic reward: five hundred reales which was a very generous sum at the time.

From this moment until our day everyone has known the San Ildefonso children and they are specially remembered at the Christmas Lottery Draw.

Que sería de la Navidad en España sin las voces de los colegiales de San Ildefonso.
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