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The "Angel Santidrián" Lottery ticket Collection

Everyone knows how much effort Angel Santidrián made for the lottery and his deep affection for it. Before leaving us he donated a magnificent and unique collection of lottery tickets, one of the most important collections in Spain in number and variety of tickets, to our Association.

Angel Santidrián held this dream throughout his life, making the most of every occasion to finish his collection. Many of our members have witnessed his conversations with other important lottery collectors. All his efforts led to this important project which makes his family very proud and is enjoyed by all of us, his old and new friends who will never forget him.

The collection is made up of tickets from every Christmas Lottery Draw since the year 1900 and the numbers go from 00000 to 99.999. We can observe the changes in the design of the tickets, in the format, the colour, the designs and the type and quality of the paper.

There are some tickets of great interest to lottery collectors and enthusiasts such as palindromes or a ticket from 1827.

We have reserved a special room to put up this important collection permanently as homage to Angel Santidrián for his effort, constancy and love for the Association, as well as being a fundamental reference in the history of the "Asociación de Ex Alumnos del Colegio de San Ildefonso".

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Ángel Santidrián muchos ańos Presidente de la Asociación ha pasado a formar parte imprescindible de nuestra historia.
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